Who We Are

Our lab has been involved in testing animal feeds from a major feed manufacturing company since the 1960's. As a team we've been together since 1989. In 1992 we were asked by people outside our company if we would consider analyzing other products on a commercial basis. We established our commercial side while maintaining a confidentiality "firewall" between it and our parent company. By word-of-mouth our customer base grew slowly as we concentrated on performing quality work rather than attempting to push as many samples through as possible.
In 2009 we left our parent company and became Analytical Feed and Food Laboratory; the work we've done for our customers over the past 20 years has become our main focus as we've become a fully commercial lab. With changes in the business environment over the years our client base has changed and grown, but our commitment to customers has remained the same.
In 2010 we said 'aloha' to our old laboratory building as we moved into our current facility, built to our specs to house not only most of our existing instruments but also and new equipment that add versatility and utility. Go to the Lab Photos page for a pictoral tour of our new laboratory located about 35 minutes south from the old location.
Our unofficial mascot. Pest control might have been a bit of an issue at the old location (considering it was surrounded by an abandoned feed mill) but this is the closest thing we have to our old furry neighbors. No plans to start a line of plush toys in the near future!