What We Do

Although we can not test for every possible aspect of a sample we can help you get information about some of the nutritional qualities of your feed or ingredient; information that is a critical tool in the care of wild or domesticated animals. We can also assist you in the analysis of human foodstuffs. We use established procedures (look on our certification/check programs and methods pages for more information about whose procedures we use) that are standard in the industry for wet chemistry.
We even have some clients who have us do part of the work and send out a portion for specialty assays. This can be a cost saver if you have an initial assay performed first and then decide on additional testing depending on the outcome of the first assay. There may be no point in doing a full panel of testing if the first result is going to trigger a rejection of the batch being sampled.
We've analyzed feed for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, zoo animals... well, you get the idea. We've also tested ingredients for feed as diverse as standard grains, dryer lint and jelly beans. Additionally there are items that are neither feed nor ingredient; snacks for animals! For human foods we've checked jerky, yogurts, hamburger and burritos among many things.
We have also worked with the education industry with product trials to build nutritional baselines for ingredients in various research projects.
If we are testing your sample for assays that we perform, we can help get your sample to people who can do additional tests that we don't have the capability to complete. If you are calling to simply ask about an assay, if we can't do it we will make an effort to direct you elsewhere with contact information so you can speak directly with other labs that do the types of work you require.

Please note that just because we couldn't run a specific test three years ago doesn't mean that we can't run it now; equipment and capabilities change over the years.