Guarantee Tags Tips

A question that a few of our customers have asked is "Do you make guarantee tags?" for the samples we test. And the simple answer to that question is no, we only provide the test results. Although many of the feeds and ingredients we test already have guarantees a significant portion do not. A product that comes straight out of the ground doen't grow with a tag attached to the plant, nor does a mineral mined from the earth.

Those customers looking to get a guarantee tag can use our results as a guide when deciding what you want for a guarantee. For an example, let us make up an imaginary dog treat called "Pumpkin + Raisin Bites" (this example is on the "REPORTS" page of our site.) The results of the analysis are:

Crude Protein: 9.8
Crude Fat: 12.3
Crude Fiber: 4.2
Ash: 2.1
Moisture: 17.2

When creating a guarantee level, remember that some guarantees are minimums and some are maximums. Protein and fat are minimums, while fiber, ash and moisture are maximums. Good business practice would suggest that you give yourself a safety margin OVER the minimums and BELOW the maximums; not only is your product going to vary based on sampling but also will vary from batch to batch based on ingredient quality variations and inclusion ratios. For the above results, you might have extreme confidence in your procedures and make guarantees that are really close to the tested values:

Crude Protein: 9.5
Crude Fat: 12.0
Crude Fiber: 4.5
Ash: 2.5
Moisture: 17.5

Although it may be tempting to make the guarantees as high or low as possible to make your product stand out from the competition more, you run the risk of violations with various state agencies should your product be tested by them and found to be out of compliance. A more prudent set of guarantees might be:

Crude Protein: 9.0
Crude Fat: 11.0
Crude Fiber: 5.0
Ash: 3.0
Moisture: 19.0

Although it is still possible to be out of compliance on a state test, it is much less likely due to the larger safety margin built into these guarantees.

Ultimately the decisions are the customers to make, but these informal tips are offered to help with some common questions regarding the making of guarantee tags.